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(Developping product) Air-launched Profiler (Designed for naval forces) / Acoustic ambient noise surveys / Temperature profile up to 500 meters

PAOLA is useful for naval forces in order to perform remote subsurface surveys in an operational area. 

Thanks to the aero expendable capacity and the "NATO A" size, PAOLA can be deployed easily and quickly


PAOLA_PTA is an expendable oceanic profiler designed to acquire temperature profiles in the water column between 500m to surface with a half metric resolution and ambient noise at several depths.

Due to its high level of performances, acoustic acquisition chain threshold is “0” sea state.

PAOLA PT is for Temperature and Pressure.



PAOLA has been developped by nke for SHOM



Main characteristics :

  • Temperature and pressure
  • Acoustic ambiant noise
  • Air Droppable
  • Self Ballasted float
  • Argos Satellite Telemetry
  • Autonomy 50 cycles
  • Less than 10 Kg
  • Expendable NATO A
  • Low cost

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